Just Another Gibbs Sampler is a really nice piece of software, but if you want to calculate long markov chains it takes some time. I tried to optimise this process by using different versions, including some self-compiled binaries.

I have to monitor some crontabs and they support email notification on errors. I don't want to manage and maintain another mailserver, therefore I installed postfix and configured it as relay. So the system is able to send mails, but another mailserver is used. The new postfix setup accepts only local SMTP connections and port 25 is not accessible from the outside.

Some files include a byte order mark (BOM), which can be quite annoying. In this post I explain how to remove it.

I was not able to install the R-package FSelector, because a dependency could not be installed properly.

Some great people from the statmath institute created a wu-style latex-presentation theme. In this post I will explain how to use and extend it.

This tutorial shows how to setup an open proxy in ubuntu. I am using such a setup for scraping purposes and it works quite well.

If you want to use a robot.txt file in october CMS there is the great Txt plugin. But the current version provides a bug, which can be fixed quite easily.

Yes, another boilerplate. It's quite special, but useful. It helps you to create octobercms themes using gulp, bootstrap, font awesome and sass.

We started as web agency a few months ago and now we are managing several servers from different providers. So I decided to compare them, although they are quite different.

This tutorial shows how to mount and format partitions. I will also provide some tips and a step by step description how to auto mount a partition on a reboot.

I had to analyse a big dataset (>12GB). Although I have enough memory, it needs a lot of time so I looked for some optimisations - with success.

I had some troubles re-installing mariadb - files were missing and old installation files were used. Here are the steps how I optimised the configuration and changed the data-dir.