With the time I found some facy tricks vim tricks. Here is the best of ;)

HipHop was facebook's attempt to make php faster. They tried to convert source code parts to native machine code, which worked quite well. Now they work on another (but quite related) approach called hhvm (hiphop virtual machine), which is even nicer. I installed it on a ubuntu vm and it runs like a charm.

I will explain and provide some scripts how you can setup a Windows Remote Desktop Server behind a NAT (even on IPv6 DSLight connections). But there is a drawback: You need a public Linux server. Although low budget vm-solutions (e.g. DigitalOcean) start at about 5 USD.

In this post I will show you the basic steps to install appium on OSX by using the official App, to use the inspector and to run your first android test case.

There exists a nice command line interface for the quite famous WhatsApp Alternative named Telegram. Here is a short blog entry describing how to install and use it.

The Android Native Development Kit allows you to use C or C++ libraries in your Android Applications. I had to use it to build the official Android Telegram App, which uses this approach to include some libraries.

I found a nice tool wich provides a command line interface for basic operations on csv files. It supports joins, filters and a lot of other things.

Logging is an important part of debugging and monitoring applications. But which library should I use?

I had to decrypt a weak RSA encrypted message. Why weak? Because a (only) 268-bit key was used for encryption. So RSA is not bad, but please use a suitable key size.

GDB is a famous tool for binary instrumentation, reverse engineering and debugging. You will find some common commands and tips.

Sometimes you want to get detailed information about your ADSL connection like the different values describing the quality of your connection. These limitation factors define the possible connection rates. I will show how to access this data on a Netgear DGND3700v2.

I love markdown and easy markup languages, because in my holy opinion word is some sort of overkill - Far too many options you will never need or use. So I was not able to express complex equations with markdown till now. I found a nice lib called *MathJax* and will show how to use it.

In this post I will provide an overview of some important network centrality metrics. The focus lies on interpretation and not definition. For the later one take a look at the links.

We had to do some basic nfs tag reading and writing (Short Records, Multiple Short Records). Here is some kind of an overview...