Install WU Latex presentation theme

Some great people from the statmath institute created a wu-style latex-presentation theme. In this post I will explain how to use and extend it.

The installation is quite forward, you just have to copy a folder (the theme) into the right directory. But where is "the directory directory"? It depends... if you want to install it locally it's a subfolder (./tex/latex) of your MF Home. You can find more information about the \(\TeX\)-Directory Structure right here.


  • $XeLaTeX$
  • minor bash-skills

Install WU-Theme (Apple & Linux)

The mandatory steps are already described above, but here are some bash-commands that do the trick for you (copy, paste & run should be enough).

INSTALL_FOLDER="`kpsewhich --var-value TEXMFHOME`/tex/latex"
tar -xvf wubeamer.tar.gz 
rm -f wubeamer.tar.gz


Set the template before \begin{document}:


There are two styles (free and static) and you can switch between them with the style argument: