Network Centrality

In this post I will provide an overview of some important network centrality metrics. The focus lies on interpretation and not definition. For the later one take a look at the links.

Degree Centrality

The degree of a node is the number of adjacent nodes. Thus a vertex with a high degree is connected to a lot of other vertices. In social networks we could find opinion leaders (persons with a lot of influence/friends) by using this centrality metric. Better degree centrality means higher probability of receiving information.

Closeness Centrality

The farness of a node n is defined as the sum of its distances from all other nodes, and its closeness is defined as the reciprocal of the farness (Bavelas).

Betweenness Centrality

Betweenness centrality quantifies the number of times a node acts as a bridge along the shortest path between two other nodes. This metric is good for selecting nodes for epidemic spreading.


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