Creating basic user interface (acceptance) tests using calabash tests. The installation and configuration is focused therefore only the default gherkin sample tests are used.

Many frameworks and tools require the existence of an special environment variable directing to your java installation called JAVA_HOME. Here I will explain how to set it on linux and Mac OSX.

We wanted to speed up a php web scraper. It uses a while loop to load all data sequentially from a csv file. The performance was quite bad because the script always blocks execution while it waits for a HTTP response (this happens on each loop iteration). I used the following approach to parallelise the execution with minimal rewriting afford.

In this post I will show you the basic steps to install appium on OSX by using the official App, to use the inspector and to run your first android test case.

There exists a nice command line interface for the quite famous WhatsApp Alternative named Telegram. Here is a short blog entry describing how to install and use it.