Some files include a byte order mark (BOM), which can be quite annoying. In this post I explain how to remove it.

This tutorial shows how to mount and format partitions. I will also provide some tips and a step by step description how to auto mount a partition on a reboot.

If you use papers app in combination with bibtex you might have troubles with webpages, because papers app uses some more or less "strange" types and attributes. So I wrote a script to fix it.

Modoboa is a nice all-in-one email package. Sadly it lacks configuration possibilities for certificates and the default config uses just self signed certificates. This tutorial explains how to create and configure lets encrypt for your mail server.

Many frameworks and tools require the existence of an special environment variable directing to your java installation called JAVA_HOME. Here I will explain how to set it on linux and Mac OSX.

We wanted to speed up a php web scraper. It uses a while loop to load all data sequentially from a csv file. The performance was quite bad because the script always blocks execution while it waits for a HTTP response (this happens on each loop iteration). I used the following approach to parallelise the execution with minimal rewriting afford.

With the time I found some facy tricks vim tricks. Here is the best of ;)

HipHop was facebook's attempt to make php faster. They tried to convert source code parts to native machine code, which worked quite well. Now they work on another (but quite related) approach called hhvm (hiphop virtual machine), which is even nicer. I installed it on a ubuntu vm and it runs like a charm.

I will explain and provide some scripts how you can setup a Windows Remote Desktop Server behind a NAT (even on IPv6 DSLight connections). But there is a drawback: You need a public Linux server. Although low budget vm-solutions (e.g. DigitalOcean) start at about 5 USD.